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Ashland Historical Society

“For over 100 years the Society’s members have volunteered their time and knowledge to preserve Ashland’s history and provide information to those who seek it. We are very fortunate to have as our home The Ocean House, built in 1748 by one of our earliest settlers”.

Cliff Wilson

President, Ashland Historical Society

Mill Pond Park

“Some of the first mills were built by our earliest settler, Savil Simpson. One of Simpson’s mills was located at what is today Mill Pond on Myrtle Street. It was a saw and grist mill at first. Simpson’s daughter married Col. John Jones, who along with Simpson, added a fulling process to the mill. Fulling is a cleaning and thickening process, particularly for wool, and water power made the process easier. Jones built homes near the dam, including the Ocean House, the home of the Ashland Historical Society”.

Steve Leacu

Ashland Historical Society

The Corner Spot

The Corner Spot is a placemaking opportunity for downtown Ashland where businesses can test drive the market and residents can come together to increase the sense of community and help revitalize the downtown area. The Corner Spot is intended to stimulate economic activity in Ashland, attract new developers and business owners as well as increase foot traffic downtown to help support existing and future business.

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