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What is the Dragonfly?

The Dragonfly Festival is free, family-friendly and open to the public.  The Dragonfly supports the mission of Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc. to promote and feature Ashland’s diversity, showcase Ashland musicians and artists, grow our local cultural economy and provide support for downtown Ashland revitalization. The Dragonfly Festival site is located at Mill Pond Park and the Ashland Historical Society, which abuts Mill Pond and the Sudbury River, a natural habitat for the dragonfly. In mythology, the dragonfly represents change, wisdom and potential. As a symbol for the Festival, the dragonfly supports our theme of community renewal, growth and diversity.

We Celebrate Community, Diversity & Culture

Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit that promotes Ashland diversity, showcases Ashland musicians and artists, and supports the local cultural economy and Downtown Ashland revitalization